Perry Botkin
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Combines by Perry Botkin
..."There's more to Botkin's music than punch-line samples. Ultimately, it's his compositional skill, as well as his sense of irony, that makes "Combines" ideal listening for those with strong opinions about electronic music and the temper of our times."

Robert L. Doerschuk, KEYBOARD MAGAZINE*

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COMBINES 2 The Temper of Our Times Liner Notes
Combines 2 by Perry Botkin
"My personal fave of 1997 was Perry Botkin's "Combines 2", released on his Botkin Music label. Yes, this is the same gentleman who wrote "Nadia's Theme". Using an everyday reference point for modern technology, the answering machine, he combines complex musicality, technology, and a fine sense of pathos and humor, to present a unique and very accessible fun-house mirror view of ourselves. Highly recommended! "

Joel Kru , PLAYLIST: PUSHING THE ENVELOPE - WHUS/Storrs, CT (Best of '97) on on the Citizen Band

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COMBINES 3 Memories, Dreams, & Other Abstractions
Combines 3 by Perry Botkin

"We are starting to hear exciting new musical works - often performed by the composers themselves, available on CD's directly from the composers....

Among the most innovative of this new breed of composers is the gifted, incredibly imaginative Perry Botkin."

James Harbert

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