Perry Botkin


Perry Botkin - "Living In the Box"

     I recently converted my recording studio from mostly ANALOG (Out of the Box) to totally DIGITAL (In the Box). This video is the story of how I see and hear the difference.

     The computers language is all Ones and Zeros. These simple elements in the digital world give rise to unexpected complexity and consequences at the human scale.

Perry Bokin - "Fists" 

     Thank God that you have NEVER fit the mold of your generation -- which was referred to as the "Silent Generation" in a 1951 Time Magazine cover story, and was later called "withdrawn, cautious, unimaginative, indifferent, unadventurous, and silent." THANKS TO YOU, PERRY, for inspiring me as you continually live your life fully -- your way! Thanks too for the multiple encores -- keep 'em coming! Thank God for Perry!

    Jan Therkildsen

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